Fertility in the Ambitious Female

In the medical community, a label gets placed on women who are 35 years old and up — AMA (Advanced Maternal Age).  Many women are well-accomplished, well-educated, and well-put-together to have it all.  Perhaps I should read the book Lean In to figure out how to do all this and still maintain sanity.  Today, was my first visit bc I’m 35 and I really wanted to see how my eggs are holding up and my fertility status.  After the ultrasound, it looks like I have 10 potential follicles on the left and 11 potential follicles on the right.  Each of those follicles can hold an egg.  My doc gave a great rundown on the different pathways for making a baby.  The two we discussed were egg preservation vs. embryo preservation.  I’m leaning to do a 70%/30% option.

Obviously I need to talk to some people for potential donors or go visit a sperm bank.  I want to keep this as clean as possible and don’t really want any legal problems or financial issues to make my male friends tied to the embryo or me.  I want to keep it very fair; however, if the fathers want to participate and be involved, by all means… I’m all for it.  🙂

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