Workouts in a Busy World

Most people today are busy.  I’d almost say that EVERYONE thinks they’re busy.  It appears that weightlifting is a way to boost the aging-gal metabolism and physique.  Secondly, HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the most efficient way to burn calories and boost metabolism throughout the day.  There must be a way to combine these both.  I love lifting weights, HIIT, and pilates and yoga.  Now how do I find a program that does it all?  I’ve done a lot of the Beachbody videos and have loved them!  But it gets monotonous doing those for 90 days over and over again.  I have a gym pass (mainly for the classes), pilates pass, and access to amazing hikes and ocean.  I feel pretty lucky.  So what’s my excuse?  Well, I already wakeup every morning around 6:15a (sometimes 5:45a depending on when I need to be at work).  Most days I work til at least 5p, but oftentimes to 7p or even all night.  With this schedule, morning workouts appear to be the best method for uninterrupted and obligated workout time.

Top 10 Reasons Women Start Weightlifting

What Burns More: Cardio, HIIT, or Weightlifting

8 Week HIIT program

HIIT for Women

Time to tackle this workout monster!

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