Coming home

All good great trips must come to an end. My most recent getaway to Australia and New Zealand showed me the hospitality and generosity of its people. My travel mates also played a huge part in generating the goofy times. While waiting in the airport, I have had time to reflect on things.

1) How to become an even more efficient packer. Yes, I travel a lot… But I’m always looking for tips and tricks to improve. Stumbled upon this article:

2) While traveling, I often find myself going more out of my way to meet the locals and get a sense of their culture, humor, food, etc. For this particular trip, one could easily distinguish that we were from all different countries: our New Zealand guide, the two Irish gals, my stateside self, and a Polish gal. Came upon this emotional intelligence assessment because sometimes our group dynamic was a bit all over the place.

3) And then I started thinking about people that come into our lives who become acquaintances and then friends and sometimes lifelong friends. The basis for all these relationships is trust. So of course, I stumbled upon this goody:

4) Aside from trust, people typically feel drawn to other people who are positive or generate good karma. When I travel, I definitely feel that good karma and positive energy is an easy way to connect with people.

Staying in the airport overnight has definitely given me way too much fodder to let the mind wander and analyze.


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