What is time?

This article in The Economist highlighted on the very thing that stresses me out daily: time. Maybe it’s my 60+ hour a week job.

Here’s the article: http://www.economist.com/news/christmas-specials/21636612-time-poverty-problem-partly-perception-and-partly-distribution-why?fsrc=scn/gp/te/pe/ed/whyiseveryonesobusy

When I first read the article, I was surprised by the amount of change that had occurred in the work force. On a second read, I was impressed still that even though women are working, they’re still doing most of the work with parenting… Regardless of hours worked. I’m all for team parenting and communication… But I’m really having trouble (because I don’t want to believe) understanding that women are still supposed to be the keepers of the home and family. I feel that there should be a team approach for the benefit of the child…. Not a mommy vs daddy approach (with mommy bearing the brunt of poopy diapers, cleaning, feeding, etc). Yes I understand it’s about bonding… But dads are very important as well!! Now with the current generation, people are staying connected via technology… Yet does it really help with connectedness or is it just a big distraction? Is it an excuse to look busy to have the less fun chores and parenting duties passed on to the more responsible spouse/parent?


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