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TED talk: Let’s Talk Parenting Taboos

This is a great video depicting exactly what it says.  I have no experience in the marriage or kids department, so I decided to watch this couple describe their parenting woes.  They are comical, loving, real, open, honest, and lovable.  Their energy and their overall gentle mutual care and respect for one another is enviable.  Life goal noted.

Now, the other end of the spectrum….

5 Things You Should Know About A Woman Who Doesn’t Need You

I’m not a feminist.  Nor am I super mother-earthy granola yogi.  Some people would describe me as a goal-oriented, kind-hearted, goofy/nerdy, loyal, driven/goal-oriented gal who pursues her dreams.  Then again, others might call me a bitch.  It’s all a matter of perspective, right?  (And haters gotta hate…isn’t that from a song?).  Aside from the 5 things they listed (I realize another item would’ve changed the list to 6 Things…), they forget to mention the deep seated love and emotional aspect of the independent woman.  Maybe that’s buried in items #2 and #3?

Another excellent article that caught my attention…and led me to a new favorite hero….

The Churchill School of Adulthood — Lesson #3: Live Romantically

History isn’t my strong suit.  In fact, I was never really enamored with history.  However, this article nicely unfolds Churchill’s vulnerable persona and I’ve become a huge fan.  Good read if you have time.

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