On making the right decisions in life

I just went through a breakup with a man I cared deeply.  We dated off and on for about 1.5 years.  There were happy moments and there were sad moments.  We looked life in the face with its challenges (death, surgeries, etc).  We celebrated new hobbies and goals.  We dreamed of the future.  But what went wrong?

No one has the right answers all the time.  In fact, I find that every time I encounter a problem or issue (think: really big problem like life changing things… breakups, family members, illness/death, etc.)… I have to find the answers myself.  Yes, friends and family are wonderful sources of info and support, but only you can do what’s best for you in a situation.  So, in my quest to learn…

Love is not enough **hauntingly similar to my relationship

Toxic relationship habits

Healthy relationship habits **guilty of #1

How to Break up gracefully

How stressed are you?

The ONE Trait to look for in a partner **communication**!

10 Life lessons to excel in your 30s **fabulous!


Don’t Let a Guy Waste Your Most Valuable Years

Female Game for Women in their 30s

The Advantage of Dating after 30

What Men think about Older Women

The Female’s Internal Conflict

How to adapt your game according to your results

How to ask for feedback from a guy



And now something more positive….

The Law of Attraction: 30 ways you can attract what you dream of

The Book of Life

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