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The Power of Random Connections

This is a wonderful descriptor of the power of connection and human contact. The older I get, the more I realize the importance of this connection. The gal who wrote this entry definitely gets what “IT’s” all about.

Joanne Lam

“I believe that life is chaotic, a jumble of accidents, ambitions, misconceptions, bold intentions, lazy happenstances, and unintended consequences, yet I also believe that there are connections that illuminate our world, revealing its endless mystery and wonder.” – David Moranis 

This week, I’m frantically trying to finish a few papers for the end of the first year in the Masters Program but writing this blog post is also on the top of my to-do-list. It’s a special post for my incredibly special weekend in San Diego. There are three separate parts to this story in which I will explain further.

Part 1:

About 6 months ago, I went to Santa Barbara for a quidditch tournament. The night before the tournament, I headed out to by myself to have a relaxing night of reading and for dinner. If you’re a frequent follower of my adventures, you may remember this post…

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Grew up in a small Texas town. Heavily involved in extracurricular activities: piano, violin, dance (ballet/jazz/tap), tennis, horseback riding (english/western), taekwondo, basketball, soccer, volleyball, percussion, drumline, orchestra, band, mascot, pageants. I had the typical Tiger Mom upbringing. Went to college, medical school, residency, and fellowship. Amidst the ups and downs of life, allow me to share with you my an "ordinary" person who happens to be an MD.

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