What makes one happy?

There’s a ton of articles on what makes people happy.  But that’s such a generalization.  It seems difficult to me to apply one general rule to a population only to glaze over the various individual emotions/behavior of one person…much less a group.

Sometimes these articles say “fake it til you make it”.  That only lasts for so long.  Or they say express “gratitude” — tell that to someone who is dying from cancer or suffering from a long-term illness…  tell that to the parent who just lost a child…. tell that to the guy who just got fired…. c’mon!  At times it strikes me that the people writing these articles have never been through hardship.  It makes me want to strangle them because their inability to relate and give advice is like a slap in the face to people who are truly struggling in adverse circumstances.

I’m a happy-go-lucky gal in daily life.  I do give my best effort in looking at the positive things in life (instead of the negative).  There are so many people with so much more going on in their lives that are challenges — whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.  Lately, I haven’t been my happy self.  I’m not sure what’s the reason.  Nothing has really changed.  Things at work are great.  I just got back from a fabulous vacation with my fiancé.  I’m tackling new hobbies.  But I can’t seem to dig myself up and out of this rut that I’m going through.

So as much as I’d love to take the advice of these articles…

I only related to the last two.

Looking forward to a new season…..

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