Sleep Schedules for Babies

I’m learning so much along this parenting journey! Right now, I’m just trying to read as much as I can in preparation for the next step. Arden is 5 weeks old and we’re managing to keep the sanity around here. Improving our sleep would be a huge bonus for us — so maybe sleep schedules are the place to start.

From Diary of a Fit Mommy

Here’s what we’ll go with when Arden reaches 4 months:

4 Month Old = June 20 (start from due date not birthdate)
  • 6:30-7:00a = wake, feeding
  • 8:30a = NAP –> Wake, feed
  • 11:30a = NAP –> Wake, feed
  • 3:00p = NAP — not past 4p –> Wake, feed
  • 6:30p = final feed; bedtime prep
  • 7:00p = bedtime
  • (9:30-11:30p = dream feed/pump = optional)
  • 1:00a (or after, but before 4a) = night feed

All naps < 2 hours

  • Establish feeding relationship (lactation consultant, breast, bottle)
    • Swaddling, pacifier, white noise
    • From 7a-9p: NOT sleep longer than 2 hours at a time. When wake from nap —> 30-50 min awake time (including feed) —> NAP
  • When wake from nap —> feed (even if previous feed was <2 hours prior)
      • If not ready to feed —> wait 15-30min and try again.
    • 30 min before bedtime —> feed baby in well LIT room (keep baby as awake as possible during feed) —> swaddle.
      • **Unless absolutely necessary —> avoid changing diaper or unwsaddling until morning. If must —> use <15 watt bulb or red light.
  • ** Between 4:00a and 6:30a —> NOT enter baby room unless an emergency. **
Make sure bedtime occurs about 12 hours after morning wake up.
Pump before bed (around 9:00-11:00p).
** Nap Train at the same time as Sleep Train. **
Ask daycare to use white noise and darkness.
Caretakers NEVER revert to helping child fall asleep.
** At least 90 – 105 minute gap from end of nap to start of next one. **
NAP = actual time went to sleep (not put in crib).
4-7 month old = nap 3x/day
  • 7-14 month old = nap 2x/day (9:00a, 1:30p)
  • If eating solids —> breakfast about 1 hour after morning waking. Lunch around 12:00p. Dinner about 2 hours after waking from 2nd nap (around 2 hours before bedtime).

Update: April 20, 2018
Arden is almost 2.5 months old! We’ve been extremely lucky that she has declared herself for naps and bedtime that’s pretty similar to this 4 month schedule. She sleeps about a 7 hour stretch and gets up around 2-3 am for a quick feed. She goes back down in her bassinet for another 2-3 hours and wakes around 6a. We also put her bassinet in her own room after running that by her pediatrician.

Update: June 18, 2018

Arden is 4 months old.  She has been enjoying her sleep schedule.  We put her down around 6:30/7p and she usually sleeps until 5am.  She usually gets up once during the night for a feed (anywhere from 1a-5a, but usually around 5a).  We’ll do a feed and then she’ll go back down until around 7/7:30a.  Her naps range from 30min to 2+ hours.  We let her dictate her nap schedule as we’ll look for her sleep cues (rubbing her eyes, eyes getting tired, yawning, getting more fussy, etc.).  Additionally, we usually don’t actively wake her from nap — we let her cry for us when she’s ready to wake up.  We’ll immediately do a feed upon waking.  We’ve learned it’s crucial for her to get her naps (and not get them on-the-go) as she will get more fussy throughout the day with missed naps and then it gets harder for her to get her to sleep when it’s her bedtime.  Overall, the sleep schedule we’ve been following has worked out really well for her.

Update: March 23, 2019

Garrett is 9 days old.  Curious about newborn sleep schedules and here is what I found.


Updated April 24, 2019

This book (12 hours sleep by 12 weeks old) was recommended by a friend…. I thought we’d give it a try for G.  The first book ( Getting Your Baby to Sleep the Baby Sleep Trainer Way) worked so well for Arden.  But, G has been having shorter naps and shorter feed schedules so I’m worried he won’t be as good of a sleeper…IMG_20190426_133159

Updated: June 14, 2019

G has been sleeping like a champ. He’s 3 months old today and has pretty much declared his own sleep schedule. I followed Natalie Wiles method since it worked so well for Arden, and it seemed to jive more with G. He spends about 2-3 waking hours in between naps. When he first wakes up from an overnight sleep, I like to change his diaper and then get him a solid feed. These days, he’s taking about 6oz when he first wakes up. Then we hangout and watch Arden have breakfast and get ready for school. After about an hour from his big feed, G will do some tummy time/mobile time/book time for about 30 minutes. After that, I’ll put him in the swing to check out the backyard and some nature. See rest of the schedule below!

6:30a – Wakeup –> diaper change, big feed

7a – watches Arden have breakfast and get ready for school

7:30a – tummy time, mobiles, books

8:30/9a – Nap (typically he does 45 minute naps)

9:45/10a – tummy time (about 5-10 minutes on empty stomach)

10ish – diaper change –> feed

10:30a – in his swing looking outside and at mobiles

11a – tummy time, mobiles, books, MontiKids stuff

12p – Nap (this is either 45 minutes or 2 hours)

1p – tummy time

1:15p – diaper change –> feed

1:45p – play, books, mobiles, MontiKids stuff

2:45p – feed, diaper change

3p – Nap (until 4p/4:30 at latest)

4:30p – Feed/diaper change when wake up. Go for walk around the neighborhood

5:30p – Papa and Arden get home; dinnertime/play

6:15/6:30p – Feed/diaper change

7p – Bed — sleeps until morning.

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