First week of daycare

Arden is doing a transition week to daycare where we drop her off for 1 hour and steadily increase the time that she is there by 30min to 1 hour each day. The school and her teachers are fantastic. It is taking a bit of an adjustment to get her settled in. She has been refusing her naps and bottle while there. It’s a new environment with new humans all around her. She’s the youngest in the infant class, which ranges in age from 3 months to 18 months. Arden is 4 months old. We re-arranged her room to make it more like the daycare (floor mattress, no black-out curtain, decreased volume on sound machine, no rocker). This has been a rough week for her because she got 4 shots on Monday for her 4 month follow-up visit and then she was in a new environment with daycare. I hope each day gets better…..

Any tips or tricks to help the transition?

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