Please immunize your kids.

I don’t get too frazzled by things in general. It’s important as an anesthesiologist to keep your cool and to keep your wits about you. Well, I just about lost it today when the topic of vaccines came up and someone sent me this video. Granted, I did my due diligence and watched that video. I’m typically open to suggestions and people’s opinions.

First of all, my criticism isn’t about his holistic or chiropractic care. My criticism is about his “expertise” in medicine and vaccines, which he isn’t qualified to opine. The guy in the video has absolutely no understanding of how statistics work. Going to a website to show data where you just show numbers of deaths doesn’t validate your point. Sadly, it’s shocking to me to see that people believe in this hack. I can’t even put it politely because it’s people like him who spread the word that vaccines are harmful and cause more harm than good… and people actually believe him.

So, let me present you with real data that shows the value in vaccines coming from an M.D. and not a chiropractor. By the way, look at the makeup of the scientific advisory panel of this organization.

Here’s a video I would rather watch: ZDoggMD

The Facts

Busting Vaccine Myths — this site dispells in detail all the things antivaxxers claim are “harmful” in vaccines.

10 Facts on Immunization from the World Health Organization

UNICEF: Immunization Current Status

WHO: Q&A on Immunization and Vaccine Safety

WHO: Antibiotic Resistance and Vaccines

WHO: Immunization coverage and fact sheet

WHO: Vaccine Hesitancy

Wikipedia: Eradicated Diseases

ChildTrends: Databank Immunizations

OECDdata: Childhood Immunizations

The Studies

Our World in Data: Vaccinations

Pros vs. Cons Vaccines The History of Vaccines

WHO: 6 Common Misconceptions of Vaccines

8 Common Arguments Against Vaccines

Vaccine Safety Commision Understanding Vaccines

Open Forum Infectious Diseases, Volume 4, Issue 3, 1 July 2017. Vaccine Rejection and Hesitancy: A Review and Call to Action.

Implications for the Future

Physicians face the burden of the anti-vaccine argument

My Take

I want the best for myself, my family, and my friends. I will continue to be a voice for pro-vaccines. Given all the existing research and statistically significant data, I do believe that vaccines are beneficial in preventing disease.

Key points:

  • Do your research
  • Listen to the experts in the field (not quacks who pretend)
  • Do no harm
  • Get vaccinated! You’re protecting yourself and others around you!

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