6 months post-partum

Arden is 6 months old!  The time flew by… although it didn’t seem like it her first two months of life.  She is such a sweet, happy baby who loves to drink her milk (she takes around 30 oz/day).  She doesn’t care too much for daytime naps, however, she is a great sleeper through the night once she goes down.  She’s still getting up around 4a or so for a feed but then falls right back to sleep.  Sometimes, she cries out but it’s mainly bc she was on her tummy and doesn’t quite roll back to her back.  She loves jumping around in her jumperoo and playing in her gym with her various toys.  She’s getting so strong with her legs and her arms.  Her grip strength is really good and she’s getting better with her grasping.  She is now purposefully placing her feet to walk in her scooter.  We’ve started her on purees.  The first one she tried was peas and brown rice and she did not like it.  Now, we’re on to winter squash and she seems to like that a bit more.  Maybe it’s because the texture and consistency is a bit smoother than the peas.  We have our 6 month pediatrician appointment soon and I’m curious to see how much she weighs and how tall she is.  I feel like she’s grown a ton in just the last month!  She still has just her two bottom teeth.  It’s incredible to see the changes taking place in our lil girl.

She got a fever at daycare on August 14, 2018 and Bear picked her up and brought her home.  Arden seemed lethargic and fussy and didn’t want to feed.  She started developing blisters on her hands and feet and in her mouth.  The pediatrician said it was hand, foot, and mouth disease.  This has been going on at daycare, so I knew it was just a matter of time before she got it.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week were pretty brutal as you could tell she was hungry but it was too painful to feed.  She slept more throughout the day and woke up several times at night bc of hunger or discomfort.  We give her infant tylenol and infant motrin for the first time.  She ended up throwing up the Tylenol the first two times we gave it to her.  It was a larger volume of medicine than the motrin.  After that, we opted to stick with the motrin and give it to her in smaller aliquots — she tolerated this and felt better shortly after and was able to feed.  Luckily, she never got too dehydrated or lethargic.  We tried to give her pedialyte when she wasn’t taking formula and she didn’t really like that either.  But, it’s now Sunday and she really started to turn the corner on Friday/Saturday.  It’s so good to have our smiling, happy, active girl back!!

She’s really into textures now.  Arden loves to feel materials with her hands and fingers.  Everything still goes in her mouth, but that’s ok… that’s part of learning and the sensory feedback.  Her upper two teeth are starting to come in (6.5 months old).  She loves sleeping on her tummy, esp with her booty up in the air.  She still dislikes purees… we’ve tried avocados, peas, bananas, blueberries, winter squash (this has been her favorite so far), carrots, sweet potatoes, peanuts.  I tried my hand at making purees at home and it’s been lovely.  These two websites: Wholesome Baby Food Recipes and The Vintage Mixer have shared wonderful recipes as well as personal experiences of feeding their babies with whole unprocessed foods made at home.  This is my jam (right now).

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