Escalating Density Training

EDT Workout Plan from Dr. Workout Fitness

You have to hit each PR Zone for 20 minutes each and at the end of these 20 mins, you must have done at least 60 reps of both the exercises in total. Let’s take an example of bench press and chins, you must be doing 30-35 reps of bench press and 30-35 reps of chins. Rest period is depending on individual, it may be of 1 mins or of 3 mins.

You just have to follow a simple and effective routine.


First 20 mins Time period

  • A-1: Barbell Bench Press
  • A-2: Dumbbell Chest-Supported Rows

Second 20 mins Time Period

  • B-1: Incline Dumbbell Press
  • B-2: Seated Rows


First 20 mins Time Period

  • A-1: Barbell Glute Bridges
  • A-2: Ball Leg Curls

Second 20 mins Time Period

  • B-1: Dumbbell Goblet Squats
  • B-2: Back Extensions

Wednesday: Rest


First 20 mins Time Period

  • A-1: Barbell Curls
  • A-2: Dumbbell Overhead Press

Second 20 mins Time Period

  • B-1: Hammer Curls
  • B-2: Triceps Pushdowns


First 20 mins Time Period

  • A-1: Leg Press
  • A-2: One-arm Dumbbell Rows

Second 20 mins Time Period

  • B-1: Dumbbell Reverse Lunges
  • B-2: Dumbbell Floor Press

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

This is just a sample workout plan. There are endless number of EDT pairs. So, you can personalize your routine according to your fitness goals.

Escalating Density Training Pairs

The number of pairs of EDT exercises are endless. The main need is that each exercise in the pair involves different muscles. The important thing is that you choose the pair of exercise as when you are performing, one group muscles can rest. The few pairs of antagonistic movements which are commonly used are:

Upper Body
Bench Press and Chins
Low Cable Row and Barbell Military Press
Lat Pulldown and Triceps Pushdown
Close-Grip Bench Press and Bent Rows
Standing Barbell Curl and Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension
Floor Press and Reverse-Grip Cleans
Push-Up and Pull-Up
Lateral Raise and Cable Arm Adduction
Straight-Arm Pulldown and Plate Raise
Lower Body
Leg Extension and Leg Curl
Front Squat and Back Extension
Seated Calf Raise and Tibealis Curl
Hip Abduction and Hip Adduction
Full Body
Back Squat and Chins
Front Squat and Dips
Deadlift and Floor Press
Overhead Squat and Clean Pull
Muscle-Up and Power Clean
Back Extension and Ball Crunch
Upper And Lower Body Movements
Dumbbell shoulder press and squat
Leg press and Bent-over row
Dead lift and Bench press
Push And Pull Movements
Lat pull-down and Chest press
Seated wide-grip row and Incline Press
Chin-ups and Overhead press
Distinct, Whole-Body Movements
Dead lift and chin-up
Pushup and Kettlebell swing
Stability ball pike and Squat jump
Unilateral Movements
Lunge on right & left sides
Split squat on right & left sides
Single-arm cable row on right & left sides
Bodyweight Exercises
Diamond pushup and pull-up
Bench dip and decline bench sit-up
Chin-up and supine (inverted) row
Isolation Exercises
Biceps curl and triceps kickback
Leg extension and hamstring curl
Chest fly and reverse fly

This is kind of what I was doing before (Evidence-Based Strength Training):

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