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Grew up in a small Texas town. Heavily involved in extracurricular activities: piano, violin, dance (ballet/jazz/tap), tennis, horseback riding (english/western), taekwondo, basketball, volleyball, percussion, drumline, orchestra, band, mascot, pageants. It was the typical Tiger Mom upbringing.

Went to Texas A&M for undergrad (Whoop!), a Texas medical school, an internship in Austin, anesthesia residency in Boston, and completed a cardiothoracic anesthesia fellowship in California.

Amidst the ups and downs of life , allow me to share with you my thoughts and journey…as an “ordinary” person who happens to be an MD.

Feel free to visit my medical blog site: http://krissymd06.wordpress.com

My other blogs:

  • Sleepy Time — A Day in the Life of An Anesthesiologist
  • Bite Me — My Food & Travel Blog

Twitter: aggiegrl

Special posts:

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Great fun to have stumbled upon your blog(s).

    As a Canadian MD (graduated 2k); I’ve been in practice for a while and although practice is more than stable, I find that I’ve neglected my personal health.

    Trying to get back into shape (minor problem) but also trying to balance life/work commitments.

    Interesting reading on your blog re: workouts. I am also a beachbody fan… Who has the time to trek to a gym regularly? One can burn through a workout in the time it takes to find parking!


    1. Hi Kevin! Thank you so much for leaving a reply! I realize mine is a bit late, but I’m happy to run into other med peeps out in the world. I hope you’ve been improving on your self care and are living a healthy and wonderful fulfilling life. Best of luck to you!!


  2. Hi and thank you for subscription to my blogs, it gave me the chance to meet your world. I read your writings with interest and joy, it warms my heart to know, young people like you exist. My most sincere congratulations on your wedding. Long, happy and productive life for your family!


    1. Thank you so much!! I stumbled upon your blog with a curiosity in the gluten-free recipe world! Your treats and recipes look delicious. Thank you for the wonderful wishes!!

      Liked by 1 person

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