The Resident Plan : An erg training plan for people with very little time

Quantified Rowing

My daughter is in med school at a major urban hospital.  This means long and irregular hours and lots of stress.  I wanted to figure a reasonably well balanced plan to improve fitness for the 2k distance within a tight time constraint.

The plan is mainly based on the Pete Plan.  This is a cyclical plan with 3 “hard” sessions a week, and 3 “steady” sessions a week.  In the 3 hard sessions are a short interval session, a long interval session and a hard distance session.  The steady sessions are basically 8K done at a moderate pace.  The creator of the plan, Pete Marston, is an accomplished indoor rower.  He wanted a plan that would fit into his lunch hour.  It has some similarity to the Wolverine Plan, but dispenses with the parts of that plan that Pete found annoying.

So this, then, is a grandson of…

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What Exercise Authorities Don’t Tell You About Optimal Duration | Dr. Michael Greger | — The Plant Strong Club

Source: What Exercise Authorities Don’t Tell You About Optimal Duration | Physical fitness authorities seem to have fallen into the same trap as the nutrition authorities, recommending what they think may be achievable, rather than simply informing us of what the science says and letting us make up our own minds. Researchers who accept […]

What Exercise Authorities Don’t Tell You About Optimal Duration | Dr. Michael Greger | — The Plant Strong Club

Science-Based Workouts for Women

These days, I’m looking for evidence. This evidence is collected from good quality data with ample population size, minimal bias, and reproducibility. The more I dive into my workouts, the more I want to know! I sometimes wish I majored in nutrition and sports science in college! More recently, I’ve been looking into workouts that give the best bang for the buck = shortest amount of time. I personally do NOT like spending an hour at the gym. I haven’t done that since residency almost 10 years ago. These days (and especially with COVID), I’m appreciating home workouts that are 30 minutes or less — but they must have maximum benefit. Additionally, the more I looked into science-based workouts… the more I found workouts catered toward men. This didn’t initially come to light until I read In The Flo where a big fundamental difference between men and women come down to hormones. This got me thinking…

Where can I find science-based workouts geared toward women that are effective?

Stronger By Science: Strength Training For Women: Setting the Record Straight. April 2018.

From Stronger By Science: Strength Training for Women: Setting the Record Straight.
From Stronger By Science: Gender Differences in Training and Diet

Zuzkalight: Why Do Shorter Workouts?

LegionAthletics: Best types of workouts for women (evidence-based)

LegionAthletics: Best workout split for women

From Stronger By Science

Unfortunately, the LP is not the best time to be overeating. Progesterone independently promotes fat storage via its effects on lipoprotein lipase in fat tissue, and it decreases fatty acid concentrations in the blood, which can increase cravings for fatty foods. There’s also some (conflicting) evidence that insulin sensitivity may be slightly lower during the LP.

Stronger By Science
From Stronger By Science
From Stronger By Science

Influencers following Evidence-Based Workouts for Women (and Men):

Evidence-Based Workouts

Escalating Density Training

Alisa Vitti Told Me to Sync My Diet With My Period, So I Did

Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

Alisa Vitti Told Me to Sync My Diet With My Period, So I Did

The year is 2013. You’re wearing your Abercombie jeggings and the one push up bra you own from Victoria’s Secret. Your box died side bangs are getting in your eyes as you wait for your name to be called. You’re awkwardly with your Mom who doesn’t really talk about the fact you’re in the waiting […]

Alisa Vitti Told Me to Sync My Diet With My Period, So I Did

Escalating Density Training

I found out about Escalating Density Training (EDT) from my online fitness program I absolutely love Zuzka’s workout plans. What’s nice is that she is constantly raising the bar and incorporating flexibility, strength, mobility into her workouts. In addition to Zuzka, I PowerZone train on the Peloton. Here’s a nifty worksheet from Peloton.

The founder of EDT, Charles Staley, created the concept of EDT. Here’s what I found out about EDT + Kettlebells that I’m excited to try!