Alisa Vitti Told Me to Sync My Diet With My Period, So I Did

The year is 2013. You’re wearing your Abercombie jeggings and the one push up bra you own from Victoria’s Secret. Your box died side bangs are getting in your eyes as you wait for your name to be called. You’re awkwardly with your Mom who doesn’t really talk about the fact you’re in the waiting […]

Alisa Vitti Told Me to Sync My Diet With My Period, So I Did

BWH Covid protocols

Finding the Right Time for Tracheotomy in COVID-19 Patients

Enhancing Safety of Clinicians Intubating COVID-19 Patients

Artificial Sweeteners and pregnancy

Just look at the title.  Artificial anything just isn’t good for you.  Period.  But you want data?  See below:


Nurses Week

Here’s why I love our nurses so much….. I can’t tell you how many times over the years I have seen them do or heard about something that they had to do where I said to myself, “Why would anybody want to be a nurse?” They get to do the dirty work, that’s for sure. Patient caregiver, advocate, educator, mentor, shoulder to cry on, bridge between physician and patients families, they wear many hats, to say the least. The ability to multi-task isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. As is the need to have eyes in the back of your head. Here in the O.R.    the nurse is in charge of the room. They have to keep an eye on and help the surgeon, anesthesiologist, scrub tech, and other ancillary personnel. They have to use the computer to chart. The phone rings, guess who answers it? The doctors pager goes off while scrubbed, who do you think takes care of that? All this while keeping an eye on the patient at all times. Consider the Intensive Care Unit nurses. They get to take care of critically ill patients with multiple invasive lines, multiple drips, and other assorted life support devices. The doctor drops by to talk to the family, who don’t really understand much of what’s going on. Guess who gets to try and unravel the mystery for them? After spending 12 hours a day with these people trying not to get too attached to them( unfortunately not all outcomes are good) then it’s time to go home and take care of your own family. Next day, repeat the process….like I said earlier” Why would anybody want to be a nurse?” I’m not sure I know the answer for that but I know I’m glad you did. You are truly the backbone of our hospital, happy Nurses Week to each and every one of you…..

Mother’s Day

Thirty years ago I married a mother. While this certainly doesn’t make me an expert on them I have learned a thing or two over the years. When I met this particular mother she was raising 4 children while going to school and working. I was riding my bike and running a lot. She was all about other people. I was all about me. That’s a mom for you, though. They will do anything for their kids. Their own interests always come after everyone else’s. t dinner time they always make sure everybody else has enough before they serve themselves. First person in the kitchen, last one out. Moms make holidays special. They stay up late to hide Easter eggs, stuff turkeys, and even if Santa has fallen asleep they are up late filling stockings. They get up early to get green bagels on St. Patrick’s day before the bagel shop runs out of them. Midnight Mass, no problem. Easter sunrise, she’s there. I don’t think anyone sleeps less than a mom. I know nobody gives more. So for all this we give them a day each year. It hardly seems enough. Once upon a time there was something known as a stay at home mom. These days, however, they get to do all these wonderful things after working all day…..or night, as the case may be. Then there’s the single mom, who not only works while being a mom but doubles as dad, too. As if being a mom wasn’t enough….So here’s to all our departments Mothers, you have my respect and admiration not just this day but every day……Tom Precht