Relationship Counseling

Has anyone ever tried this?

Relationship counseling (not including psychiatric/mental health counseling).

But before I dive into this topic — I came a across an article from Thought Catalog: How to set relationship standards.

The older I get, it seems that relationships get more complex. I’m not sure if people are just more set in their ways or maybe if it’s my own internal struggles/thoughts/vulnerabilities that lead me to wonder if relationships are worth it?  I have a fantastic group of friends all of whom have different interests.  It’s rare for me to pursue a relationship out of loneliness. Other than wanting to start a family and build the next chapter of my life, I often wonder: Is it worth the struggles?  More and more articles are talking about delayed marriage and childbirth.


Seeing articles like this is both encouraging and discouraging.  Yes, I can definitely relate to both sides of the coin.  But the real question to ask: What works for me?

Mark Manson: Why some dreams should not be pursued

No relationship is perfect…and that probably stems from the fact that no individuals are perfect.  Put two different individuals together in a busy world with stresses and then some… well, I can see why the divorce rate is so high.  But what happened to morals and believing in the sanctity of marriage? Are spoken vows on the wedding day just for show?

Yet, I want to believe that marriage is as good and wholesome and loving as I think it is.  I don’t believe a lifelong partnership such as marriage is a fairy tale.  Indeed, what I hear from my friends and family is that MARRIAGE is work — but isn’t that true for anything of WORTH?  Why do we allow ourselves to just be passive with marriage?  Do we allow ourselves to be complacent in pursuing a stalled career or obtaining financial independence?  I hope not.

Relationship Counseling Online

On making the right decisions in life

I just went through a breakup with a man I cared deeply.  We dated off and on for about 1.5 years.  There were happy moments and there were sad moments.  We looked life in the face with its challenges (death, surgeries, etc).  We celebrated new hobbies and goals.  We dreamed of the future.  But what went wrong?

No one has the right answers all the time.  In fact, I find that every time I encounter a problem or issue (think: really big problem like life changing things… breakups, family members, illness/death, etc.)… I have to find the answers myself.  Yes, friends and family are wonderful sources of info and support, but only you can do what’s best for you in a situation.  So, in my quest to learn…

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And now something more positive….

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