Get out there!

We are nature people.  There’s no denying that.  I absolutely love the mountains, and Bear loves the ocean.  Between the two of us, our lil one is destined to love being outside — in fact, she already does!  I am looking forward to when she can hold her head up so we can take her hiking!

So, after some research on the best baby hiking backpacks…. here’s what I found:

Switchback Travel Ranking Ranking

The Adventure Junkies Ranking

Outside Online Ranking

Baby Gear Lab Ranking


With all that info, the key things that would be important for us:

  1. comfort for both parent and baby
  2. size adjustability (I’m 5’7″ and my husband is 6’0″ so we don’t want two packs)
  3. safety
  4. durability.


After all the research, we ultimately decided on the……….


I must say I’m a bit biased toward Osprey products because they are incredible.  My current hiking pack is an Osprey and it’s been through multiple international travels as well as both Kilimanjaro and Patagonia.

We’re super excited to get this thing out on the trail!!


What are your favorite hiking backpacks for yourself as well as your family?

Wireless phone carriers

Ever since Apple came out with the new iOS for iPhone, it’s made my phone extremely slow and drains the battery life.  Thanks Apple.  This led me to consider doing a phone upgrade, but my phone isn’t that old and it works fine (I have an iPhone 6).  Currently, I’m on AT&T bc it gives me the best cell signal at work.  But, the more I’ve been researching…. the more I’m leaning towards T-mobile or Google Project Fi.

The Data:

My Conclusion:

We would definitely have more opportunities and data options on T-Mobile.  Question is whether it gets good signal in the places where we want to be.  If T-Mobile does get a good signal, it’s a no-brainer for us to switch to T-Mobile.  Google Fi is a strong contender, but I don’t know much about it and there aren’t many reviews on it… and I don’t know where the coverage will be the best for us.  There’s a lot of great perks, but I think at this point we need to go with longevity and data and good customer service that’s known.  Google Fi is only available for android phones so we’d have to switch from iPhone to Android.  Whereas with T-mobile, we could take our existing iPhones to make the switch.

Winner = T-Mobile or Google Project Fi (uses T-mobile, Sprint cell networks)