Happy Chinese New Year!

Sometimes I find it fun to dabble in astrology and horoscopes.  Rarely do I put any weight into any of the readings.  It can be a fun way to learn about the history or culture of various customs around the world.  I remember gathering with family on the Chinese New Year and celebrating with happiness, little red envelopes, food, and love.  It’s always a happy time with plenty to look forward to in the approaching year.

Year of the Goat 2015: Facts

2015 Chinese horoscope for Ram (The DailyHoroscope by Comitic)

2015 Chinese horscope for Ram

This is your year, Ram! Your life as you know it is changing for the better. You will be luckier in every area of your life. Love and romance, money, business, family, friendship, and anything you touch will seemingly turn to gold. That’s not to say that you won’t encounter any troubles at all – you will. That can’t be avoided in life. We are all on a journey, and part of that involves learning and growing – and you can’t learn and grow if everything is perfect all of the time. However, the fact that so much is going right for you will make the difficulties you face in 2015 that much easier to deal with.

Your love life may be better this year than it has ever been before. You can thank yourself for this, because you hopefully learned from some of the challenges you faced in romance over the past year. If you are attached, you will find that your romantic life with your partner is easier and more fluid. You will discover new and interesting things about each other, and your loyalty and dedication for each other will be expressed in many ways. You may have the chance to take a trip together that will be quite romantic. If you are single, you will experience intriguing romance with someone you recently met or will meet this year. This person will entrance you, and will be entranced by you too. It is primed to be the perfect scenario for a storybook experience.

Good fortune is with you on the money and career front too, Ram. You will find many chances to get ahead financially, you will improve your skill at managing and investing your money, and you may even come into a happy windfall or two. It would be fine if you want to indulge in some luxury you have been dreaming about – just don’t get too carried away. Your foot is firmly placed on the ladder of success where your career is concerned, and you may have several chances to expand your work and reach new levels of responsibility that will thrill and challenge you.

There may be a family member who is keen to take advantage of your joyful state of mind. This person may not mean any harm, but may simply be someone who hasn’t matured as you have and seeks out others to depend on too frequently. If you are kind but firm, you can actually teach this individual a very valuable life lesson. Generally, though, you will find that your close friends and relatives are very happy for you, and they will share in your desire to celebrate life.

With so much going for you in 2015, you will have experiences throughout the year that you will want to celebrate over and over again. The positive tone of your life will carry through with optimism even into the following year. Don’t let the small stuff get to you, and make sure that you recognize how lucky you are, and be grateful for what you have. Ram people can lead by example and may choose to give back to a special cause or to help make someone else’s dream come true in some way. The more good you put out into the world, the more good will come back to you.

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