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I recently donated to someone’s fund to help rebuild the lives and shelters of people less fortunate.

After my generous donation, there was no ‘thank you’ or even acknowledgement.  In fact, what I received was a ‘why did you waste your money?’, I’m just going to surf.  I was so shocked I had to ask why someone would say that?  They replied, ‘because I’m selfish.’

I post this as a lesson learned: Be careful who you give your time, efforts, and heart.

Never would I have thought this could happen.  My naivete prevails; yet, I want to believe there is an inherent good in people.  My mindset may be biased as I’m in healthcare and people are helping ALL THE TIME, genuinely (not to just do something for vacation).

It saddens me that one could:

  1. Take money from friends and family so selfishly
  2. Be so upfront and acknowledge that it was for selfish reasons
  3. Pretend to help but really just ride the cash of these donations

Communication is incredibly important

Communication is probably the biggest make or break issue in every relationship — whether that be platonic, romantic, work, etc.  I’ve had various encounters with people in life who are just awful at communicating their ideas, thoughts, feelings, point of views, etc.  In a way, I feel awful for these people because it seems that life would be more difficult for them.  Honestly, I can’t imagine not being able to express myself to someone; people have fallen away from actual contact that it seems technology can just comb over any discrepancies with pure unadulterated vagueness.  The article below triggered this post…

My results: Fairly well communicator
My results: Fairly well communicator