Technology annoyances

Lately, For awhile, I have become more and more annoyed with technology.  More specifically, texting and social media.  One of the biggest pros for technology is the ability to stay in touch with people.  This brings friends and families closer together regardless of distance.  Yet, one of the biggest cons against technology is that it hinders personal relationships that are in the present.  People easily get distracted staying connected that they neglect the experiences, friends, family in front of them.  I am guilty of this, not gonna lie (my aunt told me so today…and my mom let me know yesterday).  However, I want to get better and improve my present relationships.  What good is criticism if one doesn’t reflect on it’s meaning?  I’ve already curtailed my facebook presence.  Twitter is mainly just used for news.  Instagram is for me to look back at my days — but it’s for ME.  This current generation of instant gratification and lack of patience is really frustrating.  I’m losing faith in the current generation where meaningful conversation and face-to-face interactions seem to be foreign.  So if I don’t return texts immediately, I do apologize.  I’m not ready to “get with the times.”

10 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Your Smartphone

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