5 months postpartum

I’ve been working out regularly (“regularly” is going to be a loose term as my goal is to workout 3-4x/week) using Alexia Clark’s workout plan.  Let me tell you, she has an incredible network of followers (her queenteam) who do her workouts and they are super supportive #queenteam #alexiaclark #fitforareason @alexia_clark.  It makes it much more motivating for someone like me to get on board, start a workout and/or see the workouts from some of her hard core followers.  But I need that kind of motivation.  Right now, I wake up at 6:22am to get ready for work or 4ish am to feed our daughter.  Sometimes, I get home in time to help put Arden to bed by 6:30p.  After that is when I would start my workouts.  This is incredibly tough after a long day at work.

So what’s the solution?

The genius light bulb went up and it would make more sense for me to do the early morning feed with Arden and then workout.  So, I will be trying this very soon and maintaining this through the weekend as consistency is key.  Now there will be ZERO reason for me to not workout on the long days!

Arden has been in daycare for almost a month.  It was a rough start at first because of the change in her routine.  But with daycare, came another set of changes.  We changed her room configuration to be similar to daycare… meaning she sleeps on a mattress at school, so we have a mattress bed for her naps at home.  At first, she fought her naps at school and we would start a slow transition of only leaving her at school for about 2 hours.  Now we’ve gradually worked up to 4 hours over almost a month.  Her naps are more like 30 minutes in length every 2 hours.  She used to sleep in a swing/rocker so that was a big change for her.  Additionally, she used to use her “Nuk Nuk Binky Binks” (pacifier) for naps and sleep time.  Well, we’ve been able to transition away from it and she’s soothed herself to sleep in as little as 5 minutes (she kinda gives herself a hickey on her arm to self-soothe).  She also refused her bottle at school… but that has gotten better and she’s now taking her normal amount (anywhere from 2-6oz/feed).  She has her bottom two teeth in (erupted) and we’re excited to continue rice cereal and oatmeal.  I ordered this Kiddo Feedo BPA free silicone mold for her organic purees that I will soon make!

While at daycare, she got her first cold.  No fever.  Just a runny and stuffy nose, and congestion.  It lasted for about a week and Ross and I got acquainted with our saving grace: the Nose Frida and a cold humidifier.  She made it through her first cold as a champ and survived all the changes that were thrown at her.  She’s quite the resilient one.

She’s learned new moves since her 4 month bday.  She rolls from back to front on her tummy, but she hasn’t learned how to roll to her back yet.  She loves copying her mama and papa blowing air out our lips and letting them vibrate.   She started doing bridge pose — not sure where she picked that one up.  Maybe from some of the Alexia Clark workouts?  She’s also started grabbing her feet and legs similar to happy baby yoga pose.  As far as food, she’s taking around 30 oz of formula/day and she’s tried and liked rice cereal and oatmeal cereal.  Overall, it’s been a great progress from just a month ago.  She still dislikes baths… so we’re going to try getting into the shower with her and see if that helps.  Well, we tried a new system of getting into the shower with her and she absolutely loved the water and didn’t mind that the water splashed into her face.  We also got into the pool with her as it was incredibly hot this weekend — and she seemed to have fun splashing in the water while we held her.  Looks like she could end up liking the water!

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BTW, she loves looking at the TV.  She’ll arch her back and even try and look at it even if it’s behind her.  We’re trying our hardest not to let her watch it.  We usually face her away from the TV.  Yep, we’re fans of NO SCREEN TIME.  There’s multiple studies out there that say it’s bad for developing brains.  Example hereAnd hereAnd here.

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These are all the things that Arden absolutely loves:



4 month update postpartum

Arden is 4 months old. She has been enjoying her sleep schedule. We put her down around 6:30/7p and she usually sleeps until 5am. She usually gets up once during the night for a feed (anywhere from 1a-5a, but usually around 5a). We’ll do a feed and then she’ll go back down until around 7/7:30a. Her naps range from 30min to 2+ hours. We let her dictate her nap schedule as we’ll look for her sleep cues (rubbing her eyes, eyes getting tired, yawning, getting more fussy, etc.). Additionally, we usually don’t actively wake her from nap — we let her cry for us when she’s ready to wake up. We’ll immediately do a feed upon waking. We’ve learned it’s crucial for her to get her naps (and not get them on-the-go) as she will get more fussy throughout the day with missed naps and then it gets harder for her to get her to sleep when it’s her bedtime. Overall, the sleep schedule we’ve been following has worked out really well for her.

Today and this week we start her transition to day care (or as we call it “school”). We stayed for about 45 minutes and met her teachers and the other infants in her class. Currently, she’s the youngest one, but I think she’ll thrive in the LePort Montessori environment. Carelia, the head teacher, is so sweet and has an amazing 6th sense for infant safety and thinking ahead of what they’ll need and do! We got to take a nice long peek into the classroom which is an awesome indoor/outdoor class. I’m amazed at how independent the infant class (3mo-18mo) can be: some of the older kids were taking out their placemats and setting up their eating area for a snack. Another child was independently playing in her own play space. Some of the kids were learning potty training (once they’re able to stand and walk, the kids will have a diaper change standing up and learn to use the potty and wash their hands). They have a sound machine (white noise) for nap time and the kids will sleep on a floor mattress. I’m so excited for this as we will transition Arden from her bassinet to a floor mattress when she outgrows her bassinet. I have to admit that I got a bit teary-eyed looking around at all the amazing interactions and learning that Arden will receive. I feel like we’re providing her with such a great start in life, and it made me so proud that we could give that to her.

Today was also Arden’s 4 month check up. She got 4 shots and the oral rotavirus vaccine. Poor baby was such a trooper through it all. She’s doing so well on all fronts: weight 70%, height 91%, and head circumference 81%. She was so interactive with her pediatrician (Dr. Fishman is fabulous!). Our doc gave us the thumbs up to carry Arden in the baby carrier facing out. Woohoo!! This is going to open up a whole new world for her as she loves to explore! Arden has been doing so great with tummy time and wanting to crawl and stand. During the shots, I noticed that she has two bottom teeth!! One has erupted and it looks like the other one will erupt soon! She hasn’t been fussy at all so we didn’t really have any indicators, other than her putting her hands in her mouth all the time. But, we assumed that was just what babies do. About a month ago or so, my mom noticed that Arden was kinda blowing bubbles and thought that may be a sign of teething. Perhaps she was right!! Our doc also suggested that we can start an organic rice cereal and then an organic oat cereal. So, that will be next!! Holy smokes this is all happening so fast!

Our little girl is getting so big and it’s so exciting to see the changes and new developments.