If you’re single in San Francisco, it’ll take you 17 years of income to buy a home

Hey Youngters! Take a look at this and save your money. Great post!

The Context Of Things

I pretty much summarize every article Richard Florida writes on CityLab, so I might as well go ahead and summarize this one too. This is about “How Many Years Of Income It Takes To Buy A Home In Various U.S. Cities,” so in some ways it’s like this post. This stuff is relevant to me because part of the reason my wife and I were comfortable deciding to move to Texas was the idea that it would be easier to get a house eventually (as opposed to living in the Northeast, etc.) Also, U.S. residents are going to spend $10 trillion (with a T) on housing over the next decade or so. That’s an insane amount of money; might explain why the construction industry is happier than most.

So, let’s dive into this, shall we? 

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