May 7

Happy bday Dada. 🙂

i had my first date with Ross –>

Our first date he planned and made reservations for at Cucina Enoteca.  I met him at the restie — it was a bear to find parking.  He arrived slightly late.  He was nicely dressed in a button down fitted shirt and nice jeans. You could see his nice muscle tone.  He had a very nice friendly vibe to him.  We got seated.  The conversation immediately flowed.  He was a gentleman.  Very mature.  Happy to serve me first.  He was genuine.  And he communicated very well.  Time got away from us.  Before you knew it, it was 10:45pm at the restaurant and we had to go!  He walked me to my car.  Gave me a kiss.  I enjoyed it.  Sweet soft warm lips.

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